Fun Music

Nomad Solo Jazz March

An intermediate solo for multiple percussion, this piece introduces the performer to melodic rhythms between 4 drums, suspended cymbal, wood block, and tambourine. It has been used as contest material and also just as a solo.

Wellington 22 Jazz Duet

Students need to develope different styles of playing. This duet provides a nice introduction to Jazz rhythms while improving multiple drum techniques...all without having to have a drum set. And there is an opportunity for each player to stretch out with their own solo while the other plays an accompaniment.

Doubles Marimba Duet

Here is a mallet duet for intermediate players that will lure them into more advanced techniques.The first movement is relaxed and flowing while the popular 2nd movement gets more exciting as technique improves. It also affords the teacher the opportunity to play along with the student in order to show a musical approach to phrasing.

Round Trip Jazz Trio

It's written for vibes, Timpani, and Drum set but I've included parts for Piano and Bass for you to choose any combination. This is a technical showpiece for both Vibes and Timpani and it should prove to be a learning process for the drummer who has to play in different styles. Teachers can also have fun with this written out taste of jazz.

Gainsborough Quintet

The 2nd most played Percussion Ensemble in the U.S. for 3 years in a row when first published, and it still remains a standard in percussion literature. It is melodic with a Jazz influence, is enjoyable for both players and audience, and should be in your library.

Portico 10 players

This has turned out to be one of our most popular ensembles. It is a showcase for your large ensemble that contains many moods and solos for everyone. A Marimba quartet provides the melodic content with 2 vibes, glock, and chimes adding more colors. The snare drum, tomtoms, bass drum, cymbals and Timpani give the finishing touches. A crowd pleaser

Past Midnight 10 players

Written about the large square in Brussels called "Le Grand Place", a square in old town that is famous for it's historical importance as a hub or market center for the region. It offers a wealth of diversity now as it did in the past and its character changes daily from shooting a movie in front of the cathedral to hosting a huge bird market. All of these things seem to have a continuity with equivalent activity in the past including Napoleon's battle nearby. They all come to life when I visualize the square in the middle of the night lit only with gas lanterns.

Celebration 10 players

I wanted to write a piece that could be used as an overture with more excitement and energy from the very beginning. It definitely starts out that way and I would like to think that the tension continues even though the tempo slows down considerably in the middle. It is written in ABA form using melodic instruments at both the beginning and end with a slower section in the middle using mostly percussive sounds.
I like to think of the piece as being used for a celebration, but I think it could be used for any concert where the conductor is looking for a piece that is more upbeat and accessible.