Standmate Accessories

#50 Stick Hanger

Hangs right in front of you for quick changes. Has 3 different levels for Bass drum sticks as well as Snare Drum Sticks, Yarn mallets, Triangle beaters and a Pencil. This is one of those practical helpers that allow you to change sticks in a hurry without having to look at which one you are using.

#51 Stand Pad

Fits on any Manhasset style music stand to make it into a padded table with side panels so that your sticks don't fall off. There is even enough padding to play Tambourine while resting on the pad if there 's no time to pick it up. It rolls up for easy storage.

#52 Traptray

I took this picture next to the Bass Drum because many times that is all of the space you have (if that), and to clutter it with yet another stand is sometimes impossible. The Traptray fits onto your music stand and has a system to hold all kinds of accessories where you need them.. right in front of you and right under the music. I sometimes use it in combination with the #51 standpad to give 2 levels of instruments and sticks.

#53 Chime Caddy

Holds your 1 1/2"chime mallets where you need them in between entrances. Made of Neoprene with Velcro fasteners for silent use and quick release.

#53L Caddy Large

For larger mallets up to 2"